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Small pattern sewing machine - complete sewing machine
Small pattern sewing machine - complete sewing machine


Small pattern sewing machine - complete sewing machine

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Programmable pattern sewing machine for small elements.

From now on production process will be quicker and easier - don't waste your time, program your sewing on one element and you will see savings in no time.

Best in production of shoes, leather goods (wallets, bags), baby strollers, pillows, coveralls, jeans, and other clothing production from various fabrics - from sewing zippers to pockets of trousers. Template can be adjusted to any element, depends on sewing pattern.

In addition to computer programming machine enables patterns programming on the touch control panel and storing them in memory - up to 999 patterns. The editing of already existing as well as already programmed patterns. Control panel with USB port allows importing designs from other devices (supports .dst, .dxf, .vdt files).

Serial equipped with automatic thread trimmer, wiper, and safety switch. Machine with built-in fast and precise stepping motors working in x and y axis and Direct Drive system with servo motor mounted in machine head.

RFID scanner included - the machine can store pattern barcode, so it's easy to choose the pattern you want to use.

Table dimensions - 1200 x 1145 mm
Standard equipped with rail: length 1030 mm - effective sewing area 600 x 340 mm
Stitch length 0,1 - 12,7 mm
clamp (frame) lifting - up to 16mm
max sewing speed - 3.200 s.p.m.
Compressed air necessary - 5 bar

The machine on a solid and practical table with wheels.

PDS Software for pattern making is also included on the SET of this machine.
Needle system: 135x5. For automatic multidirection sewing machines use SCHMETZ needles in MR or SERV 7 version, with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material
Sewing area
Automatic thread trimming
Max. stitch length
Max. sewing speed
Needle system

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