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Sewing machines

Overlock (safety stitch) machines 4-thread

2-needle, 4-thread automatic overlock machine for light and medium materials - complete sewing machine

ZOJE B9500-13-ED3-02 SET

2-needle, 4-thread automatic overlock machine for light and medium materials - complete sewing machine

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ZOJE B9500-13-ED3-02 SET is 2-needle, 4-thread overlock for sewing light and medium fabrics. The machine is equipped with automatic trimming, foot lifting and integrated, pneumatic suction of fabric leftovers.

Industrial overlock from the new ZOJE - V Generation .

Zoje industrial overlock

B9500-13-ED3-02 SET is a professional sewing machine with integrated scrap suction system and automatic thread trimmer. This modern solution allows for more effective and easier maintenance of the machine, and thus the entire sewing room clean. Overlock B9500-13-ED3-02 SET sews with maximum speed 7 000 stitches per minute, stitch width is 6mm . In this model, the foot rises to a height of 6 mm. Sewing machine equipped with differential bottom feed and automatic functions: needle positioning, thread cutting and foot lifting . Zoje B9500-13-ED3-02 is an industrial overlock with an improved central lubrication system.

A modern two needle overlock

The B9500-13-ED3-02 SET model is equipped with an energy-saving AC SERVO motor. The control box, motor and direct drive of the needle bar are built into the head of the machine, which effectively reduces vibrations. Easy access to sewing parameters is provided by a clear control panel . The operation of the machine is additionally facilitated by voice messages . The field of work is illuminated by an energy-saving and precise LED lamp.

Complete sewing machine with Kessler stand and table top.

For overlock B9500-13-ED3-02 SET we recommend needles SCHMETZ system B-27 with the appropriate points.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material light, medium
Number of threads 4
Automatic needle positioning
Top feed no
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic foot lifter
Overedging width
Total seam width 6 mm
LED lighting of working field yes
Presser foot lift height 6 mm
Max. sewing speed 7000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor
Needle system B-27
Kit complete set

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