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Sewing machines

Overlock (safety stitch) machines 4-thread

2-needle, 4-thread mechatronic overlock machine with black latching function - machine head

ZOJE B9500-181-02

2-needle, 4-thread mechatronic overlock machine with black latching function - machine head

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ZOJE B9500-181-02 is mechatronic 2-needle, 4-thread overlock for sewing light and medium fabrics. Sewing machine equipped with back latching device for overlocks.

Industrial overlock from the new ZOJE - V Generation .

Four-thread overlock

Zoje B9500-181-02 is a modern sewing machine equipped with a black latching device. The tackle secures overlock chain, which makes the seam more durable and resistant to being ripped. The basic parameters of this model are: sewing speed - 7,000 stitches per minute , the overlocking width is - 6 mm, needle gauge - 2mm . The presser foot in this overlock lifts up to a height of the 6 mm. This two needle overlock has a central lubrication system, bottom differential feed and automatic needle positioning .

A modern two needle overlock

Zoje B9500-181-02 is an energy-saving sewing machine with an AC SERVO motor built into the head. The machine has an integrated structure - the motor and control box are built into the head. As a result, the sewing machine works quietly and without unwanted vibrations. Zoje overlock B9500-181-02 is serially equipped with LED lighting for the work area and a practical control panel .

For this overlock, we recommend SCHMETZ system B-27 needles with properly selected points.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material light, medium
Number of threads 4
Automatic needle positioning yes
Top feed no
Automatic thread trimming
Automatic foot lifter
Overedging width 6 mm
Total seam width 6 mm
LED lighting of working field yes
Presser foot lift height 6 mm
Max. sewing speed 7000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Needle system B-27

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