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Sewing machines

Coverstitch (interlock) machines with flat-bed

3-needle, 5-thread Interlock for binding, for light and medium sewing - machine head

ZOJE C5000-G-364-02

3-needle, 5-thread Interlock for binding, for light and medium sewing - machine head

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ZOJE C5000-G-364-02 is a 3-needle, 5-thread interlock for binding with a flat-bed, equipped with a differential bottom feed and automatic needle positioning.

Industrial interlock for binding from the new ZOJE series - V Generation.

Industrial, three-needle interlock

Zoje C5000-G-364-02 for sewing light and medium fabrics is a mechatronic sewing machine equipped with binder set (tape width 35 mm). The machines maximum sewing speed - up to 5000 stitches per minute. The needle gauge in this model is 6.4 mm, and the maximum stitch length is 4.5 mm. The machine allows you to sew a classic ladder stitch with the decorative upper interlacing on or off. In Zoje C5000, the presser foot can be raised up to 5 mm. The machine is equipped with a central lubrication system.

Energy-saving five-thread interlock

Zoje C5000-G-364-02 is a modern sewing machine designed to work quietly and to save energy. The control box built into the machine's head and the efficient AC SERVO motor guarantee up to 70% less energy consumption and almost noiseless operation of the machine. The interlock is equipped with precise LED lighting for the working area.

For Zoje Interlocks we recommend SCHMETZ needles system UY 128 GAS or UY 128 GAS SERV7 with appropriate points.

Technical specification:

Coverstitch machine for applications binding
Type of sewing material light, medium
Automatic needle positioning yes
Automatic thread trimming no
Automatic foot lifter no
Bed type flat
Needle gauge of coverstitch machine 6,4 mm
LED lighting of working field yes
Presser foot lift height 5 mm
Max. sewing speed 5000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Needle system UY 128 GAS

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