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Pattern sewing machine - complete machine
Pattern sewing machine - complete machine

ZOJE ZJ1900DSS-0604-3-04-V4 SET

Pattern sewing machine - complete machine

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ZOJE ZJ1900DSS-0604-3-04-V4 is a programmable machine for sewing decorative patterns, with a maximum sewing area of 60x40 mm. The machine has 56 built-in patterns in its memory.

Automatic sewing machine

ZOJE ZJ1900DSS-0604-3-04-V4 is a modern sewing machine for repeating patterns. The working area of the pattern is 60x40 mm. The stitch length can be adjusted in the range from 0,1 to 10 mm. The clamp rises to a height of 13 mm (after connecting compressed air to 17 mm). The machine sews at a maximum speed up to 2500 stitches per minute. Sewing machine equipped with automatic thread trimmer and start stitch controller. The programmable Zoje sewing machine is designed for sewing medium fabrics.

Pattern sewing machine

Pattern ZOJE ZJ1900DSS-0604-3-04-V4 has 56 built-in, ready-to-sew patterns and gives the possibility of programming and memorizing your own patterns. The machine is controlled by a touch panel and two pedals - one for lifting the pressure, the other for sewing. Zoje lockstitch machine has built-in fast and precise step motors that work in the X and Y axes and a mini AC Servo motor mounted in the machine head. To sew on this machine we need compressed air - 5 bar. To increase the possibilities of this machine, as added equipment, in addition to the standard clamp 60 x 40 mm, we offer a set of clamps and plates suitable for the sewing areas: 20x4.5 mm, 21x5.1 mm, 10x3, 4 mm, and 27x5 mm.

Complete sewing machine with Kessler stand and table top.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x17 or 135x17 SERV7, with appropriate needle points depending on the fabric.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material medium
Sewing area 60x40 mm
Automatic thread trimming yes
LED lighting of working field yes
Max. stitch length
Max. sewing speed 3000 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor yes
Needle system 135X5
Kit head with built-in Servo motor

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