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Button sewing machines mechanical

Button sewing machine with built in motor - machine head


Button sewing machine with built in motor - machine head

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Machine used to sew-on flat or post buttons. 4-hole buttons sewing-on with parallel method and 2-hole buttons sewing-on with parallel method. Standard equipment includes clamp (holder) for sewing-on flat buttons. Post buttons can be sewing-on after installing special clamp (holder) no. B2401-373-0B0.

The machine sews-on buttons of diameter 10 - 27 mm and buttonholes distance 2.5 - 6.5 mm. Depending on the button size and post width, it is necessary to use special supports and adaptors. Max. sewing speed 1.500 s.p.m., 8, 16 or 32 stitches in cycle, thread trimmer.

For this machine we recommend SCHMETZ needles system TQx1 or TQx7 with correct needle points, depending on the fabric.

Illustrative image. It may differ with the actual state.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material
Button diameter 10 - 27 mm
Automatic thread trimming yes
Pattern quantity
Max. sewing area
LED lighting of working field
Max. sewing speed 1500 s.p.m.
Built-in AC Servo motor
Needle system TQX1 / TQX7
Pattern quantity
Kit head

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