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Electronic buttonhole machine - machine head
Electronic buttonhole machine - machine head


Electronic buttonhole machine - machine head

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Multifunctional, electronically controlled buttonhole machine. The machine uses fast and precise stepper motors working in the x and y axes and a Direct Drive drive system with a mini servo motor built into the head of the machine.

Automatic functions:
• lifting the presser foot,
• thread cutting,
• material advance,
• smooth adjustment of sewing speed,
• cutting knife mechanism (multi-cut system - a buttonhole of any length, without the need to change the knife).

The machine is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent the fabric from being cut in the event of a thread breaking. Thanks to the use of modern technology, lubrication has been reduced to the necessary minimum (which prevents the formation of stains on the sewn products). LED work field lighting as standard. Designed for sewing light and medium materials.

The machine uses a modern control panel. Choice of 30 buttonhole patterns (including 4 locking programs). Possibility of designing your own buttonholes and saving them in the panel (up to 99 programs).

Equipment and features:
• clamps: 29 x 5 mm and 40 x 6 mm
• buttonhole length 6.4 - 31.8 mm,
• the possibility of raising the foot to 17 mm,
• maximum sewing speed 3.600 s.p.m.

For this machine, we recommend SCHMETZ needles system 135x5 or 135x5 SERV7, with appropriate tips, depending on the type of sewn fabric.

Technical specification:

Buttonhole type
Type of sewing material
Type of buttonhole machine
Buttonhole width
Buttonhole length
Cut-out length
LED lighting of working field
Max. sewing speed
Needle system

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