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Sewing machines

Feed-of-arm machines

Chain arm machine, 4-needle, 6-thread (Autolap) - complete set

ZOJE ZJ740D-460-A-02-N SET

Chain arm machine, 4-needle, 6-thread (Autolap) - complete set

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Machine designed for joining of overlapping light and medium knitted materials with 4-needle 6-threads chain-stitch seam with top and bottom cover.

4-needle 6-threads direct-drive feed of the arm interlock sewing machine with automatic functions

Used in production of underwear, sports wear, thermal clothing, hoodies, diving clothing and other products.
Sewing two overlapping materials together and simultaneously cutting both edges that hides joining inside of seam (like interlock machines do) makes seam flat and solid but soft to touch.
Feed-of-the-arm construction of machine body allows you to reach most difficult places and sew even narrow sleeves of kids clothing.

• 4 needles
• 6 threads
• gauge set: 6,0mm
• stitch length 1,6-2,5mm
• feed of arm bed diameter: 50mm
• presser foot lifting height: 8mm
• sewing speed: 4200rpm
• automatic thread trimming (electromagnetic)
• automatic presser foot lifting (electromagnetic)
• waste suction device (electric)
• built direct-drive motor

A complete sewing machine, on the stand and PREMIUM tabletop of the renowned Kessler brand. The highest quality table top made of 30-layer birch plywood guarantees long life and resistance to working conditions. Covered with structural laminate with increased resistance to impact and abrasion.

Technical specification:

Type of sewing material light, medium
Needle gauge of feed-of-arm machine
With puller
Max. sewing speed 4200 s.p.m.
Needle system
Needle quantity of feed-of-arm machine
Kit complete set

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